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Reflexology is the technique of applying gentle pressure to the reflexes on the feet and hands in order to bring about a state of deep relaxation, stimulate the body’s own healing processes and help a person to return to a state of balance and well-being. These reflexes correspond to various parts, organs and glands of the body, having an effect on their function. Reflexology aims to increase the body’s circulation, open up neural pathways and boost the immune system.

Health Benefits

What Reflexology Can Do For You
  • Reflexology can boost energy levels
  • Help with sleep patterns
  • Balance energy
  • Improve mood
  • Improve circulation
  • Aid the digestion system and digestion disorders
  • Clearing the body of toxins
  • Assisting with muscular tension
  • Help with stress and anxiety

  • To see an interactive foot map Click here
    To see an interactive hand map Click here

    Disclaimer - Reflexology is not a therapy used to diagnose or cure illness. Reflexology facilitates healing within the body. It should not replace Medical advice or treatment

    Reflexology #02

    A Brief History

    The first evidence of a reflexology type therapy dates back to 2500BC with inscriptions in ancient Egyptian tombs.

    There is also knowledge of reflexology practice in ancient India which travelled with Buddhist monks to China, Japan, Tibet and Vietnam.

    Modern History of Reflexology

    In the 19th century British physician and researchers discovered that applying a stimulus to the body produced a response for one part of the body to influence the other.

    Russian physician and Noble Price winner Ivan Pavlov followed this "reflex" research and developed the theories behind the dynamics between the brain and body reflexes.

    Vladimir Bekterev coined the word "reflexology" in 1917. He found that an organ became "ill" because it received the wrong instructions from the brain. Touching certain points on the foot could interrupt these commands and prompt the body to behave in balance with the brain.

    An Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, Dr William Fitzgerald took the reflex process one step further by creating the first mapping of the longitudinal zones of the body.

    The "Zone Theory" research discovered that the application of pressure on specific zones within a body not only relieved pain but in the majority of cases also relieved the underlying cause.

    Dr Fitzgerald's work was developed by by Dr Shelby Riley. Riley's assistant Eunice D Ingham developed the theory that the reflexes on the feet were an exact mirror image of the organs of the body and developed foot charts.

    What to Expect

    For the treatment you will have to remove your socks and shoes and simply lie back in a reclining chair, a sofa or bed. I will apply powder or oil and proceed with some gentle massage to relax you and increase circulation. I will work on each foot at a time covering the other with a towel. I will proceed to work on the reflex points of the feet applying pressure where needed to break up congestion (waste matter such as uric acid and calcium deposits) which are toxins pulled down by gravity. The objective of the treatment is to create a feeling of deep relaxation and a sense of balance and well being. Indeed some people drift off into a light sleep during the treatment. Reflexology combined with natural face uplift or indian head massage is the ideal way to relieve stress.

    The treatment will conclude with some light massage. I will talk with you after the treatment to advise what areas of your health to focus on and to give aftercare advice.

    The first treatment will take an hour and a quarter as I will need to take a medical history.

    Subsequent treatments will take an hour including consultation.

    I usually recommend four to six treatments at regular intervals in the first instance. This can be followed by treatments as maintenance, just as you would take regular exercise to retain fitness levels.

    Treatments Available

    1 hour including consultation. The first treatment will take up to 1 and a half hours as I will need to take a medical history

    Energy Balancing Reflexology
    A treatment to balance the chakras using techniques such as tapping to aid release of deeply held emotions and linking key reflex points. This treatment lasts 40 minutes plus consultation.

    Corporate or Taster Treatments
    Suitable for social clubs, businesses, fetes and taster treatments using techniques from Power Reflexology this treatment is a way to experience reflexology in a short time. It can be used to give your employees a health boost. It leaves the receiver feeling re-energised.
    The treatment will take up to 20 minutes plus consultation time and feedback - 30 minutes in total.

    Corporate or Taster Treatments
    Discounts available for group bookings. Please enquire

    Express Reflexology
    (Shorter treatments 20 minutes plus consultation for the private client). The treatment involves working on key reflexes relating to the client's needs but does not cover the whole of the feet. It gives a boost to the client's energy as a deeper level of relaxation is attained but at the same time reaches the areas that crave attention.

    Spinal Reflexology
    Allow 40 minutes for this treatment. The advantages of this treatment is that by stimulating the spinal reflex on the foot with precision it possible to identify and release a problem in an organ which is served by a nerve root from the spine. A back injury can cause a spinal nerve compression which can cause a reaction in the corresponding organ or muscles. Back problems can inhibit the proper functioning of the organs. The treatment will involve treating the organs that are not functioning properly and also the spinal reflex at the specific vertebrae to unblock the nerve root. The treatment can stand alone or can be included within an hour's reflexology.

    Facial Reflexology

    As taught by Ziggy Bergman For more information

    Allow 45 minutes for this treatment. The benefits of this treatment are that it is firm but gentle. It also brings about a deep level of relaxation in a short amount of time. It allow you to let go of deep rooted emotions which takes the tension away from your face. Over a course of a few treatments your skin's condition should be enhanced. The improved circulation to the skin, the removal of toxins all work towards this goal. The key reflexes corresponding to the organs of the body are mapped out on the face and are worked upon just as we do in feet reflexology to remove imbalances. The face is nearer to the brain and the reason this treatment is so immediate and effective.

    Combined with some light massage movements the treatment will make you feel like you have had the most delicious treat for your well-being. I can combine this treatment with a short foot reflexology treatment or as a treatment on its own.

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